Three Sisters Islands at Niagara Falls

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When most folks think of Niagara Falls; it’s images like this, we think of.

American side

[Bridal Veil Falls overlook,on the American side.]

I very much enjoyed the visit, we spent a full day on the Canadian side, and close to a full day on the American side. What I feel fortunate about is all the small waterfeatures we found on the American side.

Waterfeatures that are so small that ideas could be borrowed from them to re-create them in a residential setting. Including this one we found at Three Sisters Island.

Small falls at Three Sisters Island

[Between islands 2 and 3 on Three Sisters]

This little set of falls was less than 12inches high and created some great sound. They key here would be to create a line of stones that are rounded over and have some decent overhang, with a steady supply of water. Nice effect,nice audio.


Three Sisters Islands are part of the Goat Island area on the American side. You can drive over, but I suggest you park in the main lot and use the trolley to get around on the American side.

One Reply to “Three Sisters Islands at Niagara Falls”

  1. Yes, I have been there, and it is stunning — thrilling to be so close to the Falls, but in an area that feels (but isn’t!) so much safer. Often people who are contemplating suicide go into the water here — some cling to a rock and are rescued, while others go over the Falls to their death.

    Yep, it’s not always a barrel of fun.

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