Three Sisters Islands at Niagara Falls

When most folks think of Niagara Falls; it’s images like this, we think of. [Bridal Veil Falls overlook,on the American side.] I very much enjoyed the visit, we spent a full day on the Canadian side, and close to a full day on the American side. What I feel fortunate about is all the small… Continue reading Three Sisters Islands at Niagara Falls

Talking Water

I’ve been given the title of keynote speaker for a one day symposium at the Royal Botanical Gardens in Hamilton, Ontario this Sunday MAKING A SPLASH: A natural approach to water gardens Sunday, October 21; 10 a.m. to 4 p.m.; RBG Centre, 680 Plains Road West, Burlington Here’s a teaser from the page on the… Continue reading Talking Water

Ripple Effects

[Double falls and a very shallow stream.] Found this looking for examples of shallow streams that I consider a babbling brook type of stream. A couple of upflow filters, a stream that is about 4.0′ wide, and only a inch or so deep. Lots of babbling, and lots of eddy’s for the birds to drop… Continue reading Ripple Effects

Random Thoughts and Sites

Links, links, links . . . a few things I have run across the past week or so that may be of interest to someone in the field of landscape design. Or; heck, anyone who has interest in stuff outdoors. Wittstock makes some changes. Greg Wittstock the owner and visionary of Aquascapes has made a… Continue reading Random Thoughts and Sites

An Award Winner

A job I designed a couple of years ago for Enviroscapes, Inc. of Louisville, Ohio was designated the Honors winner in a commercial design category by the OLA, Ohio Landscapers Association. Enviroscapes also won a maintenance award for this project. I remember very specifically being asked to create a Japanese feel to this landscape. The… Continue reading An Award Winner

When your Client Wants Everything

The interview with a client is a very understated part of the design process. Here is our chance to really get into the mind of the client a chance to find out not only what they need, and what they really want in their landscape. How is this part of the design process is so… Continue reading When your Client Wants Everything