An Award Winner

A job I designed a couple of years ago for Enviroscapes, Inc. of Louisville, Ohio was designated the Honors winner in a commercial design category by the OLA, Ohio Landscapers Association. Enviroscapes also won a maintenance award for this project. I remember very specifically being asked to create a Japanese feel to this landscape. The […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (25)

This weeks stone comes from a waterfall I built a couple of years ago in Omaha, Nebraska for a photography studio. The stone is typical Colorado fieldstone. To give you an idea of scale the falls is very close to 7.0ft high. and that’s about 3.0ft across the top. The double falls starts with 2 […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (24)

[This waterfall is about 30 inches high to give you some sense of scale] The stone that I am really praising here is the flat stone that lies in the bottom of this stream that I have built. When laying this stone in a fish-scale type pattern the stone enables me to create realistic stream […]

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A Front Entry Fountain (3)

posted, 11/20/06 Color rendering: markers, colored pencils on yellow trace This rendering is another take on what we had discussed last week. Especially the talk about where does the fountain belong, or not belong. This rendering shows the fountain a little further up the sidewalk with a pergola area further behind and to the right. […]

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A Front Entry Fountain (2)

posted, 11/00/06 This drawing goes with previous renderings. Okay all the hemming and hawing about the fountain and where it goes, what goes with it, or not with it, etc . . . . well here it is. This is a photo that was shot off the drawing board right after I had finished this […]

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A Front Entry Fountain

posted, 11/16/06 A Fountain for nowhere, maybe? This is the image I spoke of a few posts earlier. I took this right after I finished the drawing. You can see the tracing paper beneath and the original photo beneath that. On the tracing paper is a sketch done in pencil, what I was after was […]

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More on Yesterdays post

posted, 09/11/06 The Circle in Winter I’ve often talked about how much I appreciate the way water looks in the wintertime and how the liquid flow of the water cuts through the clean white snow. Before I had designed my 1st firepit in this style I did spend some time contemplating how this would look […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (8)

posted/09/00/06 Firepit; Rick Anderson style. This is a firepit area I designed for a client, my thought process was simple here: What if Fred Flintstone was a Landscape Designer? Thats how I came up with the stone seating for the circle, a ring of stones for the fireplace, and of course a stone bridge over […]

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An Appreciation of Stone (7)

posted, 09/03/06 Stone, Water and Winter This is more than an image of stone this week but it combines that stone with water to show my favorite part of nature-stone and water. Plus I have always loved the look of open, running water during the winter. Going all the way back to the days of […]

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More on ‘The Falls’

posted, 08/25/06 This is a continuation of yesterdays post. This set of little falls is a little further along the waterfeatures path. The one thing I would like to point out here is notice how the 1st falls, falls directly into a pool of water and the second falls lands directly onto a splash stone. […]

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