Great Illustrations

My great desire to become a better illustrator as a landscape designer has me always looking at other type of illustration and designed illustration. Here are a couple of examples of what I speak of. Cool stuff, to me anyway ūüôā . [ I think this is great stuff, the detail, the effort. ] Here’s… Continue reading Great Illustrations

Botanicon, plantarum historiae [Tome 1]

These illustrations are from Botanicon, plantarum historiae written in 1565 by Adam Lonicerus. Lonicerus (1528-1586) was from Germany and was a respected author, publisher, physician and involved in some government matters. Like most Medieval figures I’ve studied; who were authors, they were members of several other professions. These 3 illustrations were taken from the book… Continue reading Botanicon, plantarum historiae [Tome 1]

A link kind of day

Some old Doodle A interesting article from Southern California about ripping out the yard and filling it full of plants. Katie Campbell has written a book called Icons of Twentieth-Century Landscape Design, here’s an excerpt: In her book, Icons of Twentieth-Century Landscape Design, Campbell explores 29 sites, from Parc Guell, Gaudi’s Art Nouveau extravaganza in… Continue reading A link kind of day

The Importance of Hardscape Design (5)

More on yesterdays Hardscape Plan Now we can take a look at where that sandstone walkway goes to. The bridge leads directly to the fire pit area, in a very enclosed area. Just above the fire pit is the mound with boulders and plantings. To the bottom side the pond surrounds the fire pit. I… Continue reading The Importance of Hardscape Design (5)

Seminar sketchbook (4)

. “The space is more important than the objects.” – ? “There is only one definition of success-to spend your own life your own way.”¬†–Mark Twain “Why not go out on a limb, thats where the fruit is anyway.” –Shirley Mclaine “Spend whatever the amount is, but spend the amount with integrity.”¬†–Ryan Gainey