What’s a landing, without some Steps . . . and a Deck

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OK listen up; it’s follow-up time. Remember way back when in the previous post we were talking about what type of landing I was thinking about for this particular project?

Well now we are getting down to the nitty-gritty. The real deal, it’s now for all the marbles. Now we got a deck, and some steps(in scale) to go along with that awesome stone-terrace, and beautiful sandstone slab steps.

landscape plan; deck, steps, and landing
[ Here is that stone-terrace with some steps and deck attached to it. ]

The color areas and the blue writing were added for you, dear readers.

So imagine me sending this drawing(minus your stuff) along to contractor, estimator, and probably client . . .

The notes I made(in blue) for this post were given(s) and not needed to be repeated/cluttered on the original drawing, but I thought they would be helpful for you to flow along with my nutty thought process.

My biggest problem

Has to be with this is the long(7.0ft) run of steps-seems like a lot for “hung” outdoor steps.

The other big issue for me was where to connect the deck to the house(see asterisk). I had the option of several different points to connect and in the end this seems like the best one. If you would have done it differently I would like to hear why/and why.

OK, that’s it, this design is now in the hands of others now it time to sit back and wait-to see what’s next . . .

Addendum: “hung” for me, means exposed stair treads/stringers, etc

One Reply to “What’s a landing, without some Steps . . . and a Deck”

  1. Instead of connecting the deck to the house, could you support it from below with posts?

    That option is something I always look at, but in this case it is not an option. The homeowner has an aversion to post.

    Technically . . . the deck is going to be poured concrete sub-floor with a stone deck. So we need to attach to house anyway.

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