Long Ago Design (2)

While looking for a drawing to do a comparative analysis I found this interesting conceptual design. What I have is something very loose and “natural” on the right as opposed to something very geometric in design on the left. The Drawing The idea was giving the client a chance to look at completely opposite ideas… Continue reading Long Ago Design (2)

The Case of the Basement Bistro (2)

Based on the comments and some e-mail from the previous post here is a little better explanation of the bistro area. I have enjoyed all the feedback and look forward to other thoughts. Sharing these ideas makes us all better. If you click on this you can read my notes better. there’s also a note… Continue reading The Case of the Basement Bistro (2)

From the sketchbook (sorta’)

This was from the sketchbook(moleskine), and was done on-site so I could show the contractor what I was thinking about in reference to the space. The idea for the space was to add a waterfall and a small body of water right up near the pool’s edge. The drawing in black and white was good… Continue reading From the sketchbook (sorta’)

A Few Things on My Mind

Some odds and ends I have been wanting to share, and a few comments about them. Adding a Blog It’s been awhile. Quite awhile actually, I can’t even remember the last time I added a Blog to the list over on the WCI Links page. Well then, I guess it’s time. the blog is Daisy… Continue reading A Few Things on My Mind

My Desk this AM

Here’s how things looked early this morning at Rick Anderson central. [ Computer, markers, moleskine, photo’s, more markers, another moleskine, ] As we pan to the right a look at the drawing table. [ Ah, that drawing on the bottom looks ready to go, time to start another. ] Addendum: Need some design work done?… Continue reading My Desk this AM

Conceptual Design, yes Design has Meaning

[ A conceptual design, with emphasis on the hardscape.* ] We always emphasize the hardscape, the structure, the construction. this is where the aork is and where we usually cannot afford to make any mistakes or “do-overs”. Petunia’s we can do over. 1400sg. ft of stone patio we cannot do over. A shrub here or… Continue reading Conceptual Design, yes Design has Meaning