Conceptual Design, yes Design has Meaning

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landscape plan
[ A conceptual design, with emphasis on the hardscape.* ]

We always emphasize the hardscape, the structure, the construction. this is where the aork is and where we usually cannot afford to make any mistakes or “do-overs”.

Petunia’s we can do over.

1400sg. ft of stone patio we cannot do over.

A shrub here or a new Heuchera there-we can do over.

A 70 ft run of Briar Hill steps we cannot do over.

Those folks that poo-poo design really do not understand the importance of good design.

I read several blogs in the last day or so where bloggers agonized over the placement of that exciting ‘new hosta’ . . . wow, I’m overcome with their agony, their despair, their lack of planning.

Someday the garden enthusiast will understand the difference between where to put the new perennial, vs the real work of what landscape design really means.

There’s nothing wrong with planning ahead. Planning to create great space(s).

End of rant . . . hope you had a great weekend.

* Click on it to go large, then click again for really large and to see detail in the drawing.

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