Links of interest

Some links of interest:

  • 1st a interesting article about pizza outdoors, pizza ovens, pizza’s . . . heck everything pizza
  • How about some Geranium’s and Verbena’s; in Rotterdam . . . a very interesting sculpture.
  • Interesting article about the rise of landscaping on Nantucket Island. Included-a remark by a LA about why he is better suited for the job than any LD.
  • Wartime gardens from WWII to the present and there impact on the Designer’s, User’s and those around them, I hope the link is still working . . .
  • A article from the LA Times entitled Psyche and the Sea I kinda think this should be required reading. If you have time to go to only one article this is the one. why man needs the outdoors, water, sunlight-all that good stuff. It’s one of those I’ve saved and will read over and over to really “get” the story. The link is to the “print” page.

One Reply to “Links of interest”

  1. Ummmm Pizza

    Rick, quickly skimmed the Nantucket article but didn’t catch where the LA thought he was better suited to design than a landscape designer.

    It’s about 4/5th’s of the way through, one of those off-handed condescending remarks-not worth repeating.

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