Gas, I don’t get it.

No not that kind of gas . . . the other kind of gas, as in gas prices.

Makes no sense

Last Tuesday while running errands around the area I noticed all stations with prices at $3.83 or $3.84. this was during the morning and mid-day. Later, around 4:00 I went back out to look at a job and every gas station I drove by had a listed price of $4.09.

Every station. Chains, small guys, independents all had the exact same price . . . $4.09.

Yesterday I had to drive about 60 miles to look at a project for a contractor and all the gas prices were between $4.09 and $4.15. Today I get up to run errands(passing 7 or 8 stations) and all the gas was $3.94-$3.97.

Last week prices jump $.26 or .27 cents and everyone, everyone has the exact same price. This week everyone drops $.16-$.22 cents to this mornings low. A Tuesday morning low.


So at 4:00 today will the gas prices all go up to $4.09 at all stations???

I don’t know, What I do know is that I find all of this back and forth around the $4.00 mark baffling. I don’t get it. What I don’t really get is the way it all seems so synchronized.

Black Helicopters

No I am not one of those guys who believes in the silent helicopters flying overhead at night, or the guys in the black suits, who show up and make problems disappear. That’s not me. No way.

It’s really puzzling that all those stations went up, same time of the day to the exact same price. It sure looked co-ordinated. That’s not even what’s bothering me the most.


That’s what bothers me the most . . . Politicians. I don’t care what flavor they come in, those folks do nothing for me, nothing.

One side wants to drill, the other doesn’t. They want to build windmills and solar panels(still haven’t figured out how that makes my vehicle run better, improve the gas mileage, or lower cost.

Drilling is years away, but isn’t electrical cars for everyone also years away? What about Nuclear to ease the electrical power situation?

What I am saying is lets go get it all, let’s use it all. Every last bit of it. Use the oil and coal, and nuclear while pouring money into the development of other sustainable choices.

But do something . . . heck do anything!

They sit up there in D.C., work less than 3 days a week and are getting ready to go on Summer recess, as far as I am concerned Congress has been on recess for years.

Where are the leaders? the Visionaries?

Why will no one stand up and say

In 10years(12-15 whatever) we will no longer use foreign oil. Today America starts the greatest mobilization in it’s history in a war to rid itself of foreign oil. We will become free and we will all work to solve the problem and do whatever it take to make it happen.

I really believe if a President(or candidate) would do something along these lines . . . we would all get involved. We would all do whatever we needed to do. But let’s do something.

The inaction by that gutless bunch in D.C. is really irritating.

The Presidency

Obviously we look to the person in charge, “our leader”. We need someone who is willing to do it all, to make that clarion call to action. Similar to JFK’s “In 10 years we will have a man on the Moon” kind of action.

I do not see this in either Obama or McCain, both these men lean to their sides wishes. They too do not have the vision, the leadership, the will of force to go against the political millstone Washingon D.C. has become.

The Future

What’s going to happen?

When will it happen? Will it? Or will we continue this slow slide into mediocrity?

I only see change when we vote them all out. All of them. It seems to me everyone hates the US Congress(look at the polls) and wants to throw everybody out but their guy. Well that’s how everyone feels so they keep their guy in . . . so all those guys stay in. The grind continues anew.

Vote out your guy. Lets all vote out our guys. Put in a new batch. If they set around, show no will, no vision, no leadership . . . vote them out.

Sooner or later we’ll get someone in there with some cajones. Heck it’s like a law of averages sort of thing!


The increase from last year to this has affected my bottom line as a free-lance designer. I go where the work is, and for me that constitutes some going. I will keep going because that’s what I have to do, as I am sure that’s what we all have to do . . . we keep going.

If our political leaders had some will, some backbone, some grit, some gumption, some sand, some anything it would help us feel like we weren’t always going uphill. I wouldn’t mind going on a flat stretch for awhile, let alone downhill.

How are you faring? Are you passing along costs? How about a surcharge for using markers(like the airlines)?

Nice pretty elaborate drawings now have an extra fee because of the additional materials we’re using . . . sounds silly doesn’t it.

When it comes to out political leaders it would also be silly if it weren’t so damn sad.

Still here?

If this version of Congress goes on recess before doing anything(which I expect) my ranting then will be way beyond what my ranting is now . . . hold on.

It will not just be gas. I expect a lot of folks are going to be in for a rough winter with their home heating bills, the office/shop heating bills. It won’t be pretty.

It would be a lot easier to take it it looked like we were trying something-a grand plan, a master scheme. A visionary hope to free this country from this silliness of depending on others.

The Final Question

So do we just hope someone or a bunch of someone’s come along and start the charge, or is their actually something that we( the common folks ) can actually do?

By Rick Anderson

The Whispering Crane Institute was originally formed to act as the umbrella organization for the Philosophy of Design Symposium, and other seminars and workshops given by Rick Anderson and Richard L. Dube’. In the year 2000 WCI became a sole proprietorship owned by Rick Anderson. Today the WCI provides design and consultation services for Landscape Contractors, acts as a Green Industry think tank, and provides training for others in the form of workshops, seminars, and individual consulting. The WCI also provides written material, opinions, case-studies and how-to articles for industry trade magazines.


  1. Rick,

    Now you’ve inspired me to do a blog myself…next year. For now, I simply commend you on taking the road less traveled.
    I agree with nearly everything you said. Life as a visionary is tough, eh? Now for action.

    Might I recommend that we push to eliminate congressional pension programs. (OOPS, they have to do that, and darn, they just gave themselves raises…I guess they earned the money somewhere, huh? Oh yeah. They’re raising taxes again. Way to be innovative, you risktakers…gosh!!!!! You guys and gals are awesome!!! NOT)

    Politicians initially were public servants for a season, then went back to their real jobs. Now they are paid as much (nearly) after retirement as when in office. More, once they start lobbying and speaking their #%*$##% outside of office.

    Politicians work so well with the media in fearmongering. It keeps them all going and takes those who pay attention to them down the tubes (make that most of the public).

    Oh for a little accountability for failed programs, fiscal responsibility, etc.

    Rick, if you run for office, I’ll vote for you. Kick the bums out.
    Actually, I have no opinion on the matter.


  2. Hi Rick

    Good post and after reading your thoughts echo mine.

    To answer your point “The Final Question

    So do we just hope someone or a bunch of someone’s come along and start the charge, or is their actually something that we( the common folks ) can actually do?”

    It is people like you and I that make the first step. The level of displeasure in the UK for our political system is very similar, yet after watching successive party’s come into power and then leave and make little difference, one has to question why.

    Our thoughts in the UK are that it is not enough to get rid of a party you must also get rid of the operators behind the party’s in the UK they are called civil servants. In the UK there is no provision for this apart from civil unrest and a coup with that exact intent, so we are stuck with a political system which is far from perfect.

    The first step is posts like you and I are making. Politicians learning to respect the electorate, rather than treat them with the contempt that the current system does…is the first stone in a line of stepping stones.

    Thanks for your comments and thoughts on this very important subject. We need to show more than our disapproval, we need to get rid of them, vote them out till we get leaders who succeed and lead, show real heart and not political savvy to get re-elected.

  3. Rick,
    Last week in a speech, Al Gore laid out a challenge to get off oil, foreign and domestic, in 10 years.

    I did see it, and parts of it I agree with, but he steadfastly refuses to do it all. We are at war and one shipwreck away from a major catastrophe . . . we need to do it all.

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