stonje steps

[ Pencil rendering for steps starting a drive and opening up to pool area. ]

This was a rendering for a client who wanted some ideas for landscaping around a new pool. I was asked not to go into any detail, just give the homeowner an idea of what his place could look like.

The strange thing here is that; . . . that was it,** he took these drawings and gave them to a landscape contractor and said have at it. The contractor was someone who I have done a lot of work with, and have a good relationship with. Which I was grateful for in regards to knowing that the install would now go rather smoothly.

Which means we spent some time going over the sketches came up with a planting plan, along with laying out the hardscape right there on the site. Not a scenario I would recommend using all the time, but the fact is that we have a good working relationship-helps.

The hardscape* usually turns out close to my initial renderings . . . . the real argument happens when we discuss plants and planting plans. The great thing about this is no matter how spirited the discussion/disagreement we keep it on a professional level, and hold no grudges . . . a short memory is good here.

Bottom line; the client comes out ahead when designers and contractors work toward developing good solid relationships, focusing on doing great work at a great value.


** What I am trying to say is instead of continuing the design process-larger, bigger, more elaborate drawings it didn’t happen here. Just some rough renderings and right on to getting something in the ground.

* WE are firm believers in identifying the areas of the landscape where the most difficult, elaborate and money-consuming areas are. From here plans are made accordingly. Obviously this difficult stage of the work has to be installed at the beginning of the process . . . if it’s an after-thought . . . it’s too late.


Addendum: Did you ever try and write something and no matter how hard you tried it never quite came out how you wanted? this was one of those post . . .

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