Hey “Alter Eco” . . . you Suck

Okay, 7 minutes into this supposedly hot new show on this hot new networkPlanet Green, I’m calling it. BS . . .

Building a shower so you can line up 12-13 “babes doesn’t impress me, actually the whole premise is dumb as hell.

It’s no wonder that mainstream America thinks this whole movemont is nutso, whacky, fruit and granola . . . way to set back those of us who really care, thanks a lot.

Hey dude, “living the greenlife”!

Or the host says “hey look, I’m gonna build my really cool garden and live off my land“. A minute later he jumps because he thinks he sees a snake . . what bullshit.

Okay the “green” girl shows up on a bike and she’s a eco-maniac.

I don’t think I can watch much more.

Addendum: The eco-maniac babe just asked someone at the framer’s market, how/where she gets good soil . . . yeah, a real eco-maniac.

2 Replies to “Hey “Alter Eco” . . . you Suck”

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  2. I’ve heard from others that it’s incredibly superficial – but I haven’t verified that by watching it myself. From what you’ve written here, there isn’t much of a reason to do so!

    Here in Charleston, there are ‘green’ stores cropping up – that carry things like recycled glassware/stemware, etc. It’s funny – the first time I was in one of them, I overheard a woman say to her friend that she was going to replace all of her existing glassware with recycled glassware, and how she felt that would help the planet. I think I just stood there, speechless.

    (However, I must confess that I am obsessive gardener who still jumps when she sees a snake…)

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