ANLA Management Clinic 2009

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The American Nursery and Landscape Association (ANLA) Management Clinic is right around the corner. Febuary 6th, through the 9th in Louisville KY.

Today is the last day to register for the earl-bird special, it works out to a savings of $70.00 to register early.

I just finished my registration a few minutes ago, quick, clean, simple. My regret here is that I was not able to get this up sooner on the Blog.

My regular readers know all about the Mgmt Clinic. I have posted several times on here about the clinic, including real time posting from the clinic last year.

Even though I have not been added to this years list of speakers . . . it’s still a great conference to attend. Just had to throw that in there, I last spoke at the clinic in 2006. Considering the opportunity to network with others around the country and the sharing of information is 1st rate, how can you not go?

Couple of disappointments for 2009:

  • Only one night of Muggets, what are you guys thinking. I get to spend more time talking shop in a non-shop atmosphere in the Muggets than anywhere else . . . and you go to one night! To top it off  . . . a live band, great we now have to shout over a band-bad move clinic folks, bad move . . . in my opinion.
  • Very little on the design side, as a matter of fact . .. basically nothing.  As I see it . . . if nothing is designed, there is no plan . . . how do folks figure out what to bid on, to grow, to install, to maintain, to make the Earth a better place to live. It’s almost as if the Mgmt Clinic didn’t want Design Professionals to attend.

Having expressed those 2(major) disappointments . . . I’m still going. The energy, the attendees, the friends(old and new) are too great to pass up.

I guess we’ll just make our own Muggets night, we are an adaptable group.

Bad Economy, Find some Help

Please take time to check the links, the schedule . . . you will not be wasting you educational dollars, especially in a tough climate we are now in.

As a matter of fact; considering the climate we are in, how can you not go to the clinic? We/you/I need every weapon at our disposal to survive in this economy. To not only survive but to thrive and be successful.

There is always opportunity especially in tough times. Be smart, be adaptable.

The Clinic is Blogging 12/18/2009

Right now; on Thursday, a group of speakers are posting some of their insights on the Clinic Blog. There’s a new entry about every hour. Check it out. If you don’t get there today go back and read through the entries.


How could we have a time where the Whispering Crane Institute, and the Giant Duck Institute not have face-to-face interaction.

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