Request of the Stone 2008

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Request of the Stone: Fall 2008

Hands-on stone workshop by the Whispering Crane Institute, October 20th-22nd near Dover/New Philadelphia, Ohio.  A real chance to learn about designing/building and working with stone.

“Designers have a better understanding of design when they have the knowledge of how ‘stuff’ goes together.”   -Me, several years ago.

Ohio toprock found on an hillside
f=””> Ohio toprock found on an hillside[/capt

On October 20th and 21st we will concentrate on building/designing/creating short retention walls using Ohio fieldstone. If you want to stick around for a 3rd day (October 22nd), I am going to focus on small boulders in the 500-1500lb size range.

Retaining Walls:

The leaders for these first 2 days will be John and Nate DeVore from Hamilton, Ohio along with yours truly. Expect to get your hands/gloves dirty as we expect hands-on participation — choosing the stone, looking at options, working stone when necessary, and building the wall.

p://”> naubinway cairn, -John DeVore[/caption]

John and Nate have built a lot of these walls and they are passionate about not only building solid functional walls but also walls that are ‘aesthetically’ pleasing in joinery and placement — to be as creative as possible no matter the stone.

Two days allow for us to really teach and work. We expect everyone to join in; this will not be a workshop where 10 folks tote rock and the ‘experts’ do the work . . . teaching through observation. We want this to be teaching and learning by doing; by asking questions and exploring options.”> herb cairn -Nate DeVore[/caption]

Learning how to work with stone requires you to hold the rock, flip it over, make a bunch of mistakes and keep trying till the right rock is found . . . to make a truly great stone wall.


Have problems placing boulders? Need a better understanding of the 3 and 5 stone formation? Is it for an out-cropping (or several) or is it a stand alone grouping that speaks more to aesthetics? Which face is the best; the least favorable? How deep do these boulders need to be buried? How do you learn where that line is on those stones to be buried?

These questions and more are what we expect to go over on the 3rd day. If you’ve never been to one of my workshops, you’ll discover that I go where the questions lead. That wherever the workshop participants want to go that’s the direction I’ll take.

Join us for this great 3-day event!

Particulars”> ohio toprock ready to use[/caption]
I am holding the

I am holding the number of participants to 15-16 for the retaining wall segment. The limit for the 3rd day is 18.

Weather permitting, we will have a bonfire, or sit around the  stove fire and chew the fat, talk about issues in working with stone and even some design issues.

If the discussion leads into design, we’ll go that way if the group wants to. John and I will be able and willing to share anything we can on stone and design in order to make this the best event we can make it.

Cost of the event:

  • The two-day stone retaining wall workshop is $300.00 for both days. This includes breaks and lunch.
  • The one day workshop on boulders is $150.00, also including breaks and lunch. That’s $450.00 total.
  • There is a discount for APLD Ohio Chapter members of  $30.00



  • Monday the 20th: 8:00 a.m. till dark.
  • Tuesday the 21st: 9:00 a.m. till 5:00 p.m.  Maybe later.
  • Wednesday the 22nd: 8:30 till 5:00 p.m.

Local Hotels/Motels:

Best Western 111 W McCauley Dr., Urichsville, Ohio             740.922.0774
Super 8 131 Bluebell Dr, SW New Philadelphia, Ohio     330.339.6500
Holiday Inn 131 Bluebell Dr. SW New Philadelphia, Ohio     330.339.7731
Hampton Inn 1299 W High Ave     New Philadelphia, Ohio     330.339.7000

The Best Western is the closest hotel to the event, and the other 3 are 10-12 minutes from where the workshop will be held.


The home office and workshop for the WCI is 6097 Wold Run Rd SE,  Dennison, Ohio right at the end of “Cricket Lane”. We’re located in the SE corner of beautiful, scenic Tuscarawas County.

Some fine print:

Cut off date for registration is October 13th.  This is a hard deadline.  We must have your registration in-hand by that date.  At that point we will make final decisions on participants for the event.
Refunds are allowed up to October 13.
Mail checks to:
Whispering Crane Institute
6097 Wolf Run Rd SE
Dennison, Ohio 44621

Event to be held rain or shine.

(cell) 330.328.3940

Stone slabs used as ornament
ston_208.jpg”> Stone slabs used as ornament




  1. Hi Rick,
    I am so excited to see you doing this program! Awesome.
    I am hoping so much to sign up, but won’t know if I can until 10/6 as my sister is having major surgery near your dates.
    Will keep you posted and will meet your deadline if I can make it for sure. Thanks for putting this on.

    Good to hear from you, and I hope you are able to come down next month . . .

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