Lawns in the Desert by Kathryn Miller

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One thing that really drives me crazy, one thing? Actually that’s not correct . . . a lot of things drive me crazy. There are actually people who don’t ride around with me because I look at everything! Actually there are people who ride around with me because I look at everything!

Where was I . . . oh yeah, things driving me crazy . . . actually there are people that would say . . .

Well that’ll be a short trip.”

or . . .

Hey! you’re already there!”

Anyway; it’s this, people who live in the desert or a very arid region, say Las Vegas, or Salt Lake City(huge abuser of this peeve) and plant big water guzzling, herbicide sucking, pesticide using lawns . . . drives me crazy. For the life of me I cannot figure out why Americans insist on lawns in places where lawns have no business being. Drives me crazy.

So I stumble across this, . . . actually there are people who would say . . .

“Rick stumblin’, what’s so unusual about that”.

What this is, is a artist piece by Kathryn Miller in 1995 and it’s great, it really hits home on the stupidity of installing a lawn in a landscape that has no business having any kind of turf lawn. So today is a big salute to you Kathryn Miller, I wish I had come across this sooner.

This statement is even more relevant today. An aside,I hope Las Vegas is still taking out turf instead of allowing it to be installed.Lawns in the desert

[ Other size images of this Kathryn Millers piece]

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